Absortech乾燥劑-工業防潮乾燥, 最新消息


We are so proud and excited to receive our latest shipments and this inspiring CO2 NEUTRAL CERTIFICATE from our mentor our CEO Mr. Rikard Kanmert who shares with us the knowledge of Peace of Moisture Mind® (POMM) established by Absortech Group in the beginning.

Time flies, with the kind support from our partners in Sweden、China、Singapore 、Thailand …etc during these 5 years, we have received so many different requirements and questions about Moisture Management in different applications, remaining a humble heart we keep asking and learning from customers and our partners, improving our services and efficiency, now we are proud to say we have successfully brought POMM to the Taiwan market and started sales from 0 to now become a trustable and reliable supplier of Moisture Management Solution Provider to the customers in below industry applications such as
-Optical /Display and Semiconductor equipment
-Logistic and Warehousing
-Metal/Non-ferrous and Raw Material
-General Electronics (EMS) and Machinery
-PCB and Packaging
-Paper and Printing
-Automotive and aerospace
-Energy and Wind-Power /Battery
-Furniture and textile
-Cable and Wire
-Screw and Fastener
-CNC machining and parts
All of our Absortech brand CO2 Neutral Desiccants series such as
-Hanging C
-Hanging X
-Compact X
-Max C
-Sheet X
-Blanket X
-Pouch X
are all CO2 emissions have been calculated by IVL , Swedish Environmental Institute. Carbon off set is made by Tricorona Climate Partner via Gold Standard Project.
We are so thankful for all of your trust and support.
If you have any questions about desiccant 、CaCl2 、PeaceofMoistureMind® and need our further assistance, please anytime be our guest and contact us, we are organizing and planning to attend the exhibitions more in the south of Taiwan, see you soon.
AbsorPartner in Taiwan
Humble Voyager Industrial Co., Ltd
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感謝我們各領域經銷商跟夥伴的支持跟肯定,跟大家分享當初傳授POMM給我們的CEO Mr. Rikard Kanmert所簽屬給我們台灣總代理的碳中和榮譽證書,好漂亮啊!






Absortech品牌碳中和系列乾燥劑包含*Hanging C *Hanging X*Compact X *Max X *Sheet X *Blanket X *PouchX 等的碳排放及生產過程皆由IVL瑞典環境研究所計算。